YEAR: 2011
With support from:
Coproduced by:
Associate producer:
DIRECTOR: Pablo Coca
SCRIPT: José M. Rodríguez, Pablo Coca, Javier Márquez
MUSIC: Juan Cantón
GENDER: Documental
SYNOPSIS: “The Map of Carlos is an emotional journey revealing the life and cities of this special songwriter, Carlos Cano. From Granada and Havana to Seville, Cadiz and New York, these are the places he visited loved the most and that were left feeling a little lifeless after his death. This documentary discovers the feelings of Carlos Cano through those closest to him; his family and friends.

10 years after his death those who love Carlos pay homage to him and unfold the hidden life of one of the most beloved singer/songwriters of all time.“
Martirio - Diego de los Santos
Raúl Alcover - Diego Cañamero
Antonio Martín - Mai
Julio Pardo - Isidoro Moreno
Clara Montes - Carlos Maestro
Enrique Morente - Antonio Peña
Juan José Téllez - Valentín Fuster
Juan de Loxa - Alicia Sánchez
Antonio Gala - Mamen López
Francisco Vigueras - Andrés Sopeña
Amaranta Cano - Paloma Cano